Quality, Farm Fresh Pork from Eugene, Oregon

Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, from our farm to your table

Sweet Briar Farms- Quality Farm-Fresh Pork from Eugene, Oregon

Begun over twenty tears ago with a small herd, a piece of land on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon, and a dream we are proud to welcome you to Sweet Briar Farms. Since that beginning day, we have watched our farm grow by leaps and bounds to a size that accommodates a growing community of people like you – people who are concerned with what they feed themselves and their loved ones.

Keith Cooper, owner of Sweet Briar Farms

We are family farmers, working hard to provide you with only the finest products, attended to with the utmost of care. From our farm to to your table, we are able to provide fresh cuts of all natural pork – no freezers necessary. Because we understand your desire for wholesome, all natural meat, we take care raising our pork. Our Heritage breed's diet consists of non-GMO Willamette Valley wheat, vitamins, and minerals. We never use salt injection, antibiotics, or growth hormones and our animals are allowed plenty of exercise, fresh air, and a little country music. These efforts ensure that you and your family are getting top quality pork with no unwanted extras.

While others may be more concerned with quantity, we take great strides to supply you with food what will nourish your body and set your mind at ease. With Sweet Briar Farms, you can be sure that you're bringing only the very best to your table.